My name is Kyle Friedman and I’m 20 years old. My dad, Scott, and I decided in March to take a tour of all 30 MLB ballparks this summer, and I’ll be keeping this blog to store memories along the way. Hope you enjoy it!


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  1. GaryC

    I have been rooting for the Giants, though I live in NJ, since 1965. That’s because I loved Mays and McCovey. The game you saw, and aptly described, was arguably the best-pitched game ever, given the 14k and the need for only one great defensive play. Glad you aren’t rating the ballparks, but I’m sure AT&T would be in the top 3 if you did. IMHO Wrigley is no. 1, as it is a “living museum.” Anyway, I went to school in Wisconsin so I have a recommendation – when you go to Milwaukee, get some awesome soft-serve ice cream at Kopp’s, an old-fashioned ice cream house that serves terrific soft-serve. It’s famous, featured on the Travel Channel as a top 100 destination. Also, if you have time, the art museum on the lake is pretty awesome. Thanks for the great baseball blog, and ignore the Yankee fan comments who think baseball starts and ends in the Bronx. P.S. Your mom grew up down the street from my wife.

    • Thanks Gary, I appreciate it! How did you hear about the blog, by the way? And I love the food recommendations, so we’ll almost definitely check out Kopp’s. Thanks again!

  2. John C.

    Hey Kyle,

    Awesome idea! How’d you determine the schedule??

    By the way, excellent writing. Out of curiosity, where are you going to school? Is it for writing?

    Say Happy Father’s Day to your Dad for me!

    -John C.

    • Thanks a lot! I go to the University of Delaware for Cognitive Science (nothing close to writing). And my dad’s gotta take the credit for the planning.. I helped him make a spreadsheet of every team’s home schedule but then he figured out all of the best routes to take in order to catch the teams when they’re home. It was definitely difficult, and it’ll be very tight at times (especially July 27 – Aug 18), but that’ll make the experience even more fun!

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