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First Blog of the Summer

Hello friends! This is my first blog ever! And since I only update my Facebook status about 3 times a month, it feels pretty weird to be typing something into the computer that’s not a school paper or a Google search. But I think I have a pretty good reason to do this blog…

This summer, my dad and I will be traveling to all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums and will attend a game in each one. In other words, it’s going to be the greatest summer of my life. We first had the idea in late March, and initially decided to try and visit most of the stadiums we haven’t been to yet (mainly the ones we thought would be worth it and not too far out of the way). But after a few nights of sleeping on the idea, my dad told me if we’re going to do it, we gotta do it right.. so we’re doing all 30.

We’re breaking it up into a few local trips, a West Coast/Florida trip in June, and a 3-week road trip from late July into August. And we’re also making some other cool stops in between cities too, like the Louisville Slugger Factory, the Field of Dreams (yes from the movie), the Wright Brothers’ National Memorial in Dayton, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Here’s the schedule!

5/29 – Boston Red Sox (vs. Tigers)

6/2 – Washington Nationals (vs. Braves)

6/3 – Philadelphia Phillies (vs. Marlins)

6/6 – New York Yankees (vs. Rays)

6/9 – Baltimore Orioles (vs. Phillies)

6/12 – Seattle Mariners (vs. Padres)

6/13 – San Francisco Giants (vs. Astros)

6/15 – Oakland A’s (vs. Padres)

6/16 – LA Dodgers (vs. White Sox)

6/17 – LA Angels (vs. Diamondbacks)

6/18 – San Diego Padres (vs. Rangers)

6/19 – Arizona Diamondbacks (vs. Mariners)

6/24 – Miami Marlins (vs. Blue Jays)

6/28 – Tampa Bay Rays (vs. Tigers)

7/4 – New York Mets (vs. Phils)

(7/14 – 7/19 – Cruise to Bermuda with Mom’s family.. cherry on top)

7/27 – Atlanta Braves (vs. Phils)

7/28 – New Orleans for the night

7/29 – Houston Astros (vs. Pirates)

7/30 – Texas Rangers (vs. Angels)

7/31 – Colorado Rockies (vs. Cardinals)

8/2 – Kansas City Royals (vs. Indians)

8/3 – St. Louis Cardinals (vs. Brewers)

8/4 – Louisville Slugger Museum & Cincinnati Reds (vs. Pirates)

8/5 – Wright Bros. Memorial, Dayton, OH

8/6 – Pittsburgh Pirates (vs. Diamondbacks)

8/7 – Cleveland Indians (vs. Twins)

8/8 – Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland

8/9 – Detroit Tigers (vs. Yankees)

8/10 – Toronto Blue Jays (vs. Yankees)

8/11 – Chicago White Sox (vs. A’s)

8/12 – Chicago Cubs (vs. Reds)

8/13 – Field of Dreams, Iowa

8/14 – Minnesota Twins (vs. Tigers)

8/16 – Milwaukee Brewers (vs. Phils)

8/17 – Milwaukee Brewers (vs. Phils)

8/18 – HOME

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